These are the core elements of our worship service.  We gather in God’s presence, listen to God’s Word, share in the gift of God’s Meal, and are sent out to the world bearing the light and love we encountered in worship.  


We have bulletins to help you follow along with the service, and you can see an example of one here: Easter 2020  


You can also join us remotely via Zoom any Sunday by clicking here. 

Now, we know what you are thinking, “but what will I wear?!”  Honestly, anything you want.  Dress ranges from formal to casual at Calvary and whatever you decide to wear, you won’t be out of place.  


You will find a community at Calvary who seeks to celebrate and share the love of Christ with you, and encourage you in turn to do the same, in whatever ways the Spirit moves you.  We hope you will join us on Sunday for worship as we offer praise and thanks to God who continues to show up in our lives and fills us with joy, love, and peace!