As of 12/21/21, these are our current guidelines to help ensure the safety and well-being of those who come join us in worship and ministry at Calvary.  During this time of increased access to vaccinations, we are seeking to provide options for people who may be at different levels of comfort and vaccination to worship together, either in-person or remotely.  If you choose to come in-person, the guidelines below will give you a sense of what to expect when you get here!  

For times of worship we will:

  • Have people wash hands as they enter, using sink in the gathering place (and bathroom sinks as needed)
  • Require people to wear masks (a limited number will be available at church).  If you are fully vaccinated, mask-wearing is optional.  
  • Have non-vaccinated people maintain six feet of distance at all times.  Couples and families do not have to be six feet away from each other (can still sit together in a pew if a couple or a family).  To maintain six feet, we will be skipping every other pew (they will be taped off).  The back half of the sanctuary still has every other pew taped off, the front-half is for those vaccinated who are willing to sit closer together.  If you sit in the distanced section, you can choose any pew, but we ask that each group/person sit to either side of the pew (closest to wall or aisle) to allow for the possibility of someone else to sit at the other end of the pew (pews are eight feet wide).
  • Hum or sing SOFTLY (singing, even with masks, can project the tinier droplets further than six feet).  If you are fully vaccinated, you may sing as usual.  
  • Use hymnals and bulletins, with bulletins in pews already (we will have two per pew; if your family needs more, there will be bulletins spread out on back pew to pick up as you enter).
  • The pastor will not have a mask on while leading worship and preaching.  Mask will be on for distribution of communion and during time of greeting after worship.  Pastor will stand back from exit so those who would like to remain distanced from others may do so.  
  • Not move around for passing of the peace, bow from afar.
  • Have communion.  For communion we will:
    • Use bread, dropping broken pieces of bread into people’s hands.
    • Place cups in trays every other one to prevent contact of cups when picking them up.
    • For continuous communion, we will place trays on table, people will pick up cup themselves, and place it into empty tray when finished.
    • On 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, will have communion at the altar.  Trays will be held by communion assistants during communion at the altar.  We will not hold hands before the dismissal blessing at the altar.  Any who are unvaccinated and/or uncomfortable with coming up to the altar with communion may remain in their pews and pastor will come to you for distribution.  
  • Fellowship time will have option of refreshments, but these will only be provided when someone (or a group) signs up to provide them.
  • Continue to offer remote possibility for worship.  Hymnals will be placed in entryway for people to come and grab if they need them for singing at home.

Thank you for reading over these updated policies and for taking steps to care for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as we adhere to these commitments.